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In this section, you can look at frequently asked questions to resolve your issues.

How do I know if my NVIDIA GPU is compatible?

You can find your NVIDIA GPUs cuda compute capability at nvidia website. Also, refer to system requirements and installation guide.

Are other GPUs supported?

No, only NVIDIA GPUs are supported for AI training and deployment.

Which operating systems are supported?

Currently, only Windows 10 and 11 releases are supported for full featured AugeLab Studio with user interface. However, the headless version is supported on several platforms:
  • Linux x86
  • RaspberryPi 4 32bit Bullseye (6.1.21-v8+)
  • Jetson Nano
  • Docker
To request the headless runtime, please contact us.

Opening older version scenarios

Prior to version 1.0.0, any scenario that is older than the current version of AugeLab Studio is not compatible with newer versions. Even though you might be able to open it, functionality of some blocks might have changed and yield different results.
If you have created your scenario with versions greater than 1.0.0, you'll be able to open it with higher versions.
It is still advised to double-check that if the scenario works as expected or not.

USB Camera is connected but unreachable?

On Windows, you can check if the camera is live by:
  1. 1.
    Open start menu
  2. 2.
    Type "camera"
  3. 3.
    Click on "Camera" app
If Windows raises an error, this means the USB camera is already being used by another program. Close the application that uses the camera and try again.
If you do not know, disconnect the camera cable from the USB socket and reconnect, then try again.

How to Preserve USB Camera Order

USB Cameras hold their connection order on your computer. To preserve the order, unplug all usb connections and reconnect them by their order.

How can I save a camera footage?

To save camera footage, simply connect any Camera block to a Show Image block and click on See Image. The menubar has several options for you to save your images.

How can AugeLab Studio communicate with PLC or other devices?

AugeLab Studio features ready-to-use function blocks. To check them out, go to our marketplace check out catalogs.

Are there any video lessons?

We currently have a course on Udemy that's only in Turkish. We also feature case studies on our Youtube Channel.
You can also read our articles on Medium as well.

Is there a community that I can stay in contact with?

You can join our Discord Channel or join discussions on our GitHub Page.