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Blocks Column

In this section all available function blocks are listed.
There are several categories; Generic Blocks, Image Blocks 1, Image Blocks 2, AI Blocks and Custom Blocks. You can navigate between these tabs with the right and left arrow buttons.

Generic Blocks

Basic Operations: Contains function blocks with input, output, and operators to use.
Inputs: The blocks that are generally used as inputs in the scenario or used for data entry to the scenario are found in this tab.
Cameras and local images are also considered as inputs
Outputs: Blocks that are generally used as output in the scenario or used to output from the scenario are found on this tab.

Image Blocks 1

Filters: You can edit the image by applying filters on the images.
Image Processing: You can obtain data from the image by processing the image.

Image Blocks 2

Detectors: You can detect objects or features on the images.
ROI Processing: You process any function with region of interest area.
Shape Analysis: You can process and extract data according to the shapes of the images.

AI Blocks

AI Model Elements: Design custom CNN Layers and learning models and train your models for classification.
AI Applications: Ready to use AI models or train your custom Object Detection models.