AugeLab Studio Manual
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Building Scenarios

Create New Project File

Create a new project file from File→New

Add Function Blocks

After creating new project you can drag&drop function blocks from the right column. All function blocks are listed in this section. Each section are divided into sub-lists.
Function Block Lists
Blocks List
You can drag and drop function blocks with mouse to an emptry scenario.

Search Function Blocks

Also you can double click on the empty grid area and search through all function blocks.
Search box
Add the function blocks you need to the grid area to build your image processing scenarios for your project. To create connections between the blocks you added and to provide the data/visual flow, connect the blocks as in the picture below.

A Simple Scenario

The flow of a scenario follows from left to right design pattern. Whether a function block is at the bottom or top does not change the flow or execution.
Simple Image Processing Algorithm